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Hi Gang


I recently saved all the updates relevant to FC6.


Was wondering if it mattered that the updates were downloaded with a SP G5, (saved to an external drive). Now I'd like to install them in a Dual Core G5?


Does it matter?




  • Nick Holmes Level 7 Level 7 (29,975 points)

    I would still use the Software Update function. That way you can be sure the patches are installed in the correct order - it is possible that you need system and security patches to qualify for the FCS updates.

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    Hi Nick


    Thanx for the reply. Let me understand you:


    Are you saying it's better to have 'Apple Updates' scan your computer and aquire the updates that way? I am familiar with ONE security update that I will certainly down load first. Aside from that, I was under the impression it is acceptable, (in some cases preferable), to go straight to the Apple Final Cut page, insert your FC6 serial number, and download/install the updates in that manner. Using that method, I suppose you can start from the top down.




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    The following, (below), was very helpful in my situation. I'm not absolutely sure the sequence is consequential. The FC6 Updates are all current. Natuturally, there are no more for that version of Final Cut Studio 2.


    http://support.apple.com/kb/DL737 < This is where you enter your FC Studio Serial Number to obtain and extract the neccessary updates for your software.


    If you've already downloaded and saved the updates, (for future use), these are snapshots showing a possible sequence for installation:


    http://www.locationstudio.net/Update Order Snap Shot 1.jpg


    http://www.locationstudio.net/Update Order Snap Shot 2.jpg