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okay, so me and my brother have our own iPods. we both have the iPod 4th generation 8GB. so he has 300 songs, 10 apps, and he still has 3.4GB left. well, i have 79 songs, 3 apps, and only have 272MB left. the last time i showed my brother, we connected my iPod to itunes and it showed that "Other" was taking up all of my space. my brother looked through my iPod and said that there was a glitch that was taking up all my space. so, we restored my iPod. i lost everything, but i got everything back. i lost the glitch too, but it came back after a few weeks. do u guys know what should i do? do u happen to know why this is happening to me? idk anyone else who has this problem with an iPod, iPhone, or iPad. plz plz plz help. thnx guys

iPod touch, iOS 6.0.1