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Apple geniuses are split between whether I would need a macbook or if an Ipad would work for my use.  Primary uses: browsing, email, editing photos, and listeming to music.





iPad 2
  • Klaus1 Level 8 Level 8

    Only you can really tell what would meet with your requirements (and budget), but a MacBook Pro is a fully fledged computer capable of doing all you want. An iPad is, put it this way, a computer-lite, using diffferent software and without the heavy-duty capabilities of a proper computer.

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    Additionally, if you have lots of photos, the iPad's largest size is 64 GB - that's not a lot for a photo library.

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    jenellefromcharlotte wrote:

      Primary uses: browsing, email, editing photos, and listeming to music.



    You want a computer if you're seriously into editing photos. While there are some editing programs that run on the iPad...Filterstorm, as an example...none compare to Photoshop which only runs on a computer. Adobe has released a Photoshop program for the iPad, but IMO, its not ready for prime time. The iPad augments the computer for serious photo work...quick edits in the field...not having to lug around a laptop, but you need the storage & power of a computer for serious work.

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    Sorry, I was not aware.. Just trying to help the OP