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I'm afraid of spyware or other unsolicited suftware being installed previously on my computer with OSX 10.5, so I just did a fresh install of Mountain Lion OSX 10.8.

I have a time machine backup of my old 10.5.

I want to restore only emails, photos and documents.... everything else I want a fresh start.

If I use Migration Assistant, I need to choose applications in order to restore emails.... but that would also restore many other applications that I don't want.

I have bought a new copy of most of the software I need to be installed, so I just want to restore emails, photos and documents.


If I activate Time Machine, it will erase the disk I already have and start from scratch backing up on it.... I would like to use the backup I have to selectively restore certain areas....


Can somebody help!!



MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)