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Just set up SLS on a MacMini 2.53GHz, 2 x 500 Gb HD RAID1. The server connects to the Time Capsule (Ngen1) as a DHCP enabled router before the internet. I have successfully set up ssh (outside the firewall, with cyberduck) and afp (inside the network) for music file storage and sharing, we are starting a small community radio station. 98.7 FM yeah!


Going to start up web services on podcast.ckgi.ca to host our podcasts on these big honkin drives. Our blog is hosted and we are just south of max on our capacity for storage.



My problem is testing the port configuration and DNS propagation. I found it a challenge with iChat remote control of iTunes and afp versus ssh.


I have a spare wifi router and bridges, hub, switches laying around.


For testing purposes, how to do simulate access from outside the Time Capsule, ie the internet, from inside the network (that is inside the house)?