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How do I connect to landline/Dial-up on a PowerBook 1400c with a Megahertz XJA3288 modem card? Do I need to sign up for a ISP? What settings do I need for the PPP connection? My PowerBook runs on Mac OS 8. Please help! Thanks!

PowerBook, Mac OS 8.6 or Earlier, PowerBook 1400c, Mac OS 8.0
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    Is there any way to do it with Dial-up ISPs nowadays?

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    I have a friend with three PowerBook G3s ("Wallstreet") and all three are on dial-up. Yes, you do have to sign up and pay for dial-up. It works byyour modem  contacting a phone number belonging to the provider of the service. When you sign up with an ISP, they will give you the needed settngs.


    I am not familiar with the modem you mention so cannot comment on its settings/use.

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    You can get a free month of dialup internet from Netzero (and possibly other companies) which would let you test your modem and make sure it's working ok before proceeding any further. As noted above, Netzero (or whoever) should provide the PPP settings for that particular modem--they'll send you an installer or the download link for it. You'll need a land line to physically connect to the modem. Good luck.