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Please forgive me if this has been previously covered, but I'm at my wits end.

I have been "backing up" my DVD collection using Hanbrake, on both an IMac and a PC , so I can stream them to my ATV2.

I see to be able to get them onto my iTunes account and Stream them without an issue, with the exception of the DD 5.1 sound track, no matter how I rip them,what audio settings I use, they all just play in 2 ch stereo.

I have checked my computers, my ATV and the media I have ripped, but it makes no difference.

The system works fine, as I have bought films through ITunes, all of which play in Dd 5.1 without issue.


Can someone assist me as to where I'm going wrong??


Thanks in advance

AppleTV 2, iOS 6.0.1
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    2 audio tracks are required

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    Sorry, I don't understand what you mean by 2 tracks, I rip via Handbrake that defaults when you select ATV2,


    What additional audio do I need to add?



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    We cannot advise you of the settings that are needed since discussions about circumventing copy protection are prohibited in these communities. But in order for any non protected content to play correctly on the Apple TV in 5.1, that content requires both a stereo and a 5.1 soundtrack to be present.

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    I'm really sorry if this has caused problems or is in violation of this sites policy.


    I'm am just adding my purchased DVD's onto ITunes as I would my Music CD's. Without going off topic, is backing up my CD collection illegal?


    I have tried the Audio option and this worked fine. So many thanks and sorry if I've caused any issue by asking the question

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    Don't worry about asking the question, it's just that we can't answer it by giving you directions to use software that circumvents protection.


    As to whether it's illegal, it's a bit of a grey area, I think it is, others will point to fair use legislation on the premise this legitimises it. Regardless of whether it is or it isn't, the rules of the forum prohibit us giving instructions to use or links to download such software.