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THi all this is my first post and not a good one :-(


As above


I am in the UK and it has been stolen.




I did NOT have mobileme or anything like that.


Is there anything I can do to track it with the serial or can the police track it with the serial.


So say the thief restores the IPAD ect ( i read that this is popular to delete everything) then sets up their itunes an uses it can I catch them that way or can the police?

iPad 2
Reply by Philly_Phan on Nov 24, 2012 5:26 PM Helpful

Change your iTunes (Apple ID) password along with any other password that was stored in the iPod.  If any passwords are associated with credit cards, contact the CC company and get your card replaced (with a new number).  If any passwords are associated with a bank or any other savings institution, contact them also and discuss approprate action with them.


The "Find my..." function is pretty much useless if the device is in the hands of a thief.  All that is necessary is for the thief to connect to any computer with iTunes and "Restore as new."


The only real protection you have is with the personal information on the device rather than the physical device itself.  This requires action before the device is lost/stolen.  If the device has significant personal information, it should have a strong 8-digit (or longer) password AND be configured for automatic wipe in the event of ten consecutive incorrect password entries.

Reply by Philly_Phan on Nov 24, 2012 5:36 PM Helpful

Np.  Once it's been "restored as new," it's gone.  The only way to retrieve it is physical - you must see it and (good luck) see the serial number.

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