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I begin nursing school in January and I want to buy an iPad mini for clinicals just for my reference books... not for my textbooks!... books like Drug Guides and Nursing Reference books, NCLEX study guide (or flashcards)...


Also I was looking for a good app that would work well with a stylus that I can write quick notes on in my own handwriting.


I am not planning on using this for music, minimal pictures (I have an iPhone and a Macbook Pro for that), and maybe a couple of movies for the kids every now and then.


Doesn't all of these things I mention get stored on the iCloud? I can take things and store them on the iCloud and then go and retrieve them later? Or does it not work that way?


I am just at lost for what I should do. I am really not prepared to spend yet another $100+tax on a 32 gb since I still have a billion more nursing supplies to buy... but if it's the better choice I would rather WAIT and purchase it later than regret not getting it now.


Thanks for all the help!