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Before creating a video in iMovie, I got different MOV files from friends and familly.  When I import those MOV files in iMovie, a copy is saved in the iMovie event folder, but the file size increases substantialy.  Here are example:


  • an original 16MB MOV file becomes a 323MB MOV file
  • an original 4MB MOV file becomes a 42MB MOV file
  • an original 174MB MOV file becomes a 246MB MOV file
  • an original 3MB MOV file becomes a 37MB MOV file
  • an original 307MB MOV file becomes a 370MB MOV file
  • an original 31MB MOV file becomes a 114MB MOV file


Why does my files increase so much in size ?   Should I keep the original or the iMovie event version for later use ?

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