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Hey folks,

After a few years of fearing the worst, I decided to buy a new mini server and upgrade my aging core duo mini running 10.6.8 server. I followed the apple KB instructions and made sure everything on the old server was up to date and then create a time machine backup.


Actually, I made a new partition on the new mini, shared it and used that for the time machine volume.


Then I mounted that sparsebundle locally on the new mini, ran migration assistant and did a migration. I checked to make sure the host name was correct, look ups were working, etc


Then I tried to DL and install server.app from the appstore.


This failed miserably. I got an error: "the following actions failed or were not attempted" which included:

  • Open Directory
  • joining local directory
  • migrating users and groups


So I tried again. I deleted server.app, re-did the migration and re-installed server.app.


Surprisingly, that moved things forward and users and groups came over but I again recieved: the following actions failed or were not attempted

This time, "joining local directory" was the only fail....

But things still weren't working. Bound clients could not get a kerberos ticket (unknown client), even the local new mini wasnt able to get a ticket.


The only consistancy I got during the 5 hours was a mDNS naming conflict. I tried various configurations including renaming the old mini and setting up new IPs on it. I also tried taking it offline entirely (the migration never finishes). But even when following Apple's instructions to the letter, when the migration assistant finishes, it tells me there is a name conflict and I end up with something like NewMini (2) as the name. That can't help the OD setup.....


So I wiped the new mini, re-installed client OSX, re-appled the migration and this time made sure to follow everything perfectly again. I freshened the time machine backup. Took the old server off line and tried again. The migration hung until I brought the old server back online. I assume it has something to do with DNS. But if I ssh'ed into NewServer, it was clear it was already resolving addressess for itself, even with the OldServer offline.


It still failed. I tried downloading Server.app again, it gave me the same the following actions failed or were not attempted error.


So... anyone have any troubleshooting tips? I'm thinking about sending the Mini back and just keeping my 10.6.8 install. It works fine. I have several linux clients too, and I've added them to my OD setup and they can get tickets and do LDAP auth. There's really no problem, other than my increasing suspicion that either a) I've got an unstable install (as evidenced by the failed migration?) and/or b) I'm getting passed by the upgrade path by not being more current (maybe I should have gone to 10.7 sooner and the 10.8 path would have worked?)


Anyone else had this issue (well, yeah, b/c the forum is full of unanswered versions of similar posts)....but anyone found any troubleshooting steps (logs, commandline utils, etc) that work well?

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    I'll add...

    Even after the two failed migrations, the server kinda functioned and kinda didnt. For instance, DNS and VPN worked fine. But Radius threw errors all over the log and, as a result, all of my AirPort APs stopped authenticating users. There's no radius pane in the Server.app and the Airports did not show up on the side by as is suggested by Apple's documentation. So, again... how does one troubleshoot? Am I missing some basic premise about this incarnation of OSX Server?

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    i had an old server running 10.6.8.  there were really only two things i wanted to move across in the migration: email, and collaboration (wiki) content.   


    sounds like i tried something very similar to what you tried.   created a new fresh virgin 10.8 install on one partition with my old 10.6.8 on a separate partition.  booted 10.8 and started server app and tried the migration.  


    i got the first warning that you mentioned about open directory errors.  however, when i looked at the set of users and groups on the new server, it seemed to match that of the old server, so i was hoping things were ok.


    however, of the two key services that i wanted to transition, first email failed.  it seemed to be configured correctly and it seemed to be using my SSL cert, but i could not get clients to connect.  i'm not a dovecot expert, so in the hour or so i spent poking around, i couldn't come up with any simple explanation for why it wasn't working.   the server app (and the server commandline interface (serverinfo) seemed to think everything was fine, but i could still not connect.


    second, collaboration (wiki).   the server app and the commandline (serverinfo) again seemed to think everything was fine, but the service simply didn't come up.  that is, if i clicked the link in the server app to access the wiki, it did not work.  


    overall, i found it very strange - these things were oddly simultaneously happening:


    a) what i was trying to do was very straightforward and "vanilla" only involving a few of the core services - nothing exotic.


    b) it seemed to fail totally and completely on all the important services, yet


    c) the simplistic diagnostic/monitoring tools provided told me that everything was ok.


    overall, i found this very disturbing and it makes me question whether a) i am doing something really dumb or really fundamentally wrong and not realizing it or b) perhaps it is time to give up on mac os x server.