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I am having troubles getting my iPad to charge. The upper left side says "not charging" but I am plugging it into the computer USB like I have always done in the past. It is plugged into the computer well, and is plugged into the iPad. Anyone have a solution to the problem. I have also tried plugging it into the adaptor into a 110 outlet with no success

  • Skydiver119 Level 7 (26,009 points)

    It will always say not charging when plugged into the USB since most USB ports do not put out enough power.

    That said, you should not get that message when plugged into a wall outlet. I would, if you can, try another outlet, or swap the charger up and make sure it's working. Also make sure you're not using an iPhone charger. They don't put out enough power as well. Your iPad is best charged with the charger that came with it

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