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Hello. I'm importing an son file into DVDSP4. This was done by a friend because my oringinal txt file was drifting (we asumed because of a drop-frame issue).

I am forcing it to import prior to importing the movie file because it won't work otherwise. At first, I was getting a blackout each time a subtitles came up.

But I adjusted the color settings accroding to advice found in the forums and that stopped the blackouts. The file does successful import into the stream. All of the subtitles files import. However, I am not getting any text at all. When I blow up the stream, there is no text in it. Again, the bmp files do seem to all import - or somethings, anyway, completely import. But I'm seeing no text. What am I doing wrong? Thanks.

macbook, quicktime pro
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    By the way, this is what the top of the son file looks like:


    Pixel_Area(0 477)
    Directory/Users/my name/Desktop/tbe.son/
    Display_Area(0 2 719 479)
    Contrast(0 15 15 15)




    # Palette entries:


    # 00 : RGB(255,255,255)

    # 01 : RGB(127,127,127)

    # 02 : RGB(  0,  0,  0)


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    Just to clarify: I am trying to import subtitles and when I run a simlulation with the movie I get no text. There is text in the bmp files. But they don't appear in the simulation or in the stream when I blow it up. Why doesn't the text appear? I have played with the color settings. I think there is something else going on here. Thanks. 

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    Help please!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Hmm...not getting any answers here. I've tried so many things to get these subtitles correcttly onto the dvd. I've tried txt files, srt files, etc.

    I feel like I'm close. Anybody have any idea what's going on here? Anybody? DVDSP successfully imports all subtitles but there is no text appearing in the simulation or stream. Anybody? Any ideas? The answer is maybe simple. Help! I'm wearing a cardboard belt!!!!!!!!!

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    Hey, it's a holiday weekend here in the states so don't expect an immediate response from a group that's probably still sleeping off too much turkey.


    If you want to send me the son file, I'll see if there's anything obvious going on.  I've done a few subtitled projects in DVDSP but it's been a few years.  I remember there were compatibility issues with imported subtitle files. 


    my email is mgrenadier@gmail.com

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    Oh yeah. Thanksgiving. I forgot. I live overseas.

    I can send it so you but it's an "son" that...I'm not sure exactly how this works...

    it maps bmp files?

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    Thanks so much for your reply. It's very kind of you to offer to help!

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    Perhaps Michael will be of help but I though I'd reiterate this again just to see if anyone has any ideas. Does anyone know of any simple reason why bmp/son file might completely import but why the text might not show up either in the movie simulation or in the magnified stream? I already messed with the color settings and I believe they are correct now. But no subtitle text.

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    Just to add to this in case some savior comes along and reads this: I've tried converting the bmps to tiffs but they import as blanks wither way. They import fine but the are blank. There is no text.

    Why? Why is no text appearing? What could be wrong?

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    This is a kind of last resort on this. There is no one out there who has a suggestion?

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    I'll keep trying here in case anyone comes along. When I drop one bmp into the stream the text appears. It's there.  But using the son file: no text. Maybe this is a problem with the directory line in the son file? I've been playing it and matching the directory to the info my mac gives me. No dice. How can I get these bmps to load according to the son?

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    I'm going to keep this conversation with myself going just for kicks.

    The son file that was made for me looks like this:


    Display_Area(253 391 466 433)
    Color(0 0 2 1)
    Display_Area(275 391 444 433)
    Display_Area(301 391 420 433)
    Display_Area(235 391 486 433)


    This page:



    points the possibility of an error in the code - if I'm understanding it correctly. But this is too complicated. Perhaps if I knew exactly what was wrong.

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    DVDSP 4 seems to be defective. Later versions any better?

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    Do any of the suggestions is this link help?