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Been struggling for the last couple days to get this thing to connect with the included cables to both 27" iMac & 13" Macbook. All GB software up to date and new firmware updates on guitar but no luck so far. iPad 2 & iPhone 4S will connect but they have issues as well and I have to restart GB. Anyone else having issues or know of a work around? 



iPod classic, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Did you choose the guitar in Garageband > Preferences?

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    Guitar does not show up in preferences. System settings, built in input, and built in mike are the only options available

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    Maybe give another usb cable a try if it still won't show up contact the seller or fender.

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    Yeah, I tried 3 other cables to no avail but can't confirm if they are wired the same so not really conclusive. I do have an email in to Fender support but have not heard back yet.


    Thanks for your suggestion.

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    My Squier Strat USB is working fine for me, OS X 10.8.2, latest GarageBand, and iPad 3 with GarageBand.


    With GarageBand open on your mac, when you plug in the guitar, do you get a dialogue box asking if you want to use it with GarageBand?


    I haven't updated the firmware on my Strat, could the new firmware be causing issues?

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    Not sure.......I have not gotten the dialogue box with either the old firmware or the update.


    What was a little peculiar though was that when I was doing the firmware update using my iMac, it showed the file location on my hard drive but said device not connected (which it was)........ until I plugged in the headphones to the guitar jack. Then update started and appeared to complete. Tried to duplicate the process but device will not connect again with or without headphones connected??

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    It seems that most problems/questions regarding 'GarageBand not working with MIDI hardware xyz or USB hardware xyz' is NOT related to GarageBand at all.


    The most important thing to understand when using an external device is that GarageBand can only communicate with it if OSX, your system recognizes it properly. Whenever an external device "is not working in GarageBand", you have to check you system FIRST. Check the System Preferences and Audio MIDI Setup utility before troubleshooting GarageBand.


    If the USB guitar doesn't show up in the System Preferences as an audio device then you might have a software issue (corrupted, outdated driver) or a hardware issue (faulty cable or USB port). These things are easy to narrow down if you have a second computer, different cable, etc



    Hope that helps



    Edgar Rothermich



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    Understood. Perhaps I have approached this in a backwards fashion but as you say it could be a software issue so GB was where I started and have worked back through OSX, firmware updates, cables, back to the device itself.  I doubt it is a cable issue or usb port since all other peripherals work fine and I have used the guitar cable to connect an external hard drive and gps unit. I am now in touch with the vendor's Engineers to troubleshoot.


    Thanks for your input, much appreciated. I will post the outcome, hopefully it is something simple.

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    Hi Dougbar


    Your last response was only a few weeks ago - so I wonder did you get to the bottom of it?


    I found that, after a fresh restart, I have to log in to my Administrator account, plug in the guitar and open GarageBand in that order.  My normal account is so full of crap that something somewhere makes GarageBand crash if I try, in Chord Trainer for instance, to raise the master volume control above zero.  It has to be a software conflict hence I am gradually going through my main account and deleting old software**   I am also on the verge of purchasing an app like CleanMyMac to see if this can be more efficient.


    ** I'm sure this is the source of my problems (that includes graphics artifacts too) since upgrading from Snow Leopard to Mountain Lion.

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    Hi El Deanio,


    My problem did not wind up being SW related, by all accounts. Recommendation by vendor Engineering Support was to return it for hardware diagnostics. Guess I got a lemon. I went back to conventional guitar/amp combo, case closed. Incidentally, GB works fine with iMac's internal mike.