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Each time I try to log in to my administrator account on my MacBook Pro, it will give me the spinning wheel, freezes up, and then resets to the main log in page. I am unable to access my administrator account. My boyfriend has an account on my MacBook as well, and is able to successfully log into his name. However the computer runs incredibly laggy and will sometimes freeze up and reset.


I personally think the culprit is my childish desire to play the sims, which inevitably crashed while I was playing and reset the computer. This is when I started having this issue, although I don't have enough knowledge of these things to know wether that's even a possibility or not.


has anyone else had this issue, or know how I may fix it? I'm incredibly worried about having potentially lost all the files on my computer.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    Sounds like you have no backup, hmm? Well time to make one very quickly: use an external drive, your BF's account and Time Machine.


    Then boot into Safe Mode, to see if your account is accessible and working then. If so, completely remove any apps and their traces that you suspect having caused the trouble. (Note that booting into Safe Mode will take longer than usual.)


    Then see if you can work with your account after a normal boot and report the result here. If trouble persists, there are more steps to be taken.

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    Oh I meant to hit "solved my question" because that you did!


    I was able to access my admin account via safe mode, and was able to delete the program and any of its related content. I then restarted the computer and was once again able to log in normally. Things seem to be running much smoother now. I am really hoping that was all it was. You were so very incredibly helpful. I thank you in saving me a trip to the Genius Bar!

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    You're welcome. Glad it helped.


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