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ok did restoring software didn't work. Any other ideas folks?

Apple TV
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    As I knew I would, I am regretting buying another Apple product (should have leant my lesson with the iphone). Have an ATV2 and cannot set time and date. Spent hours and hours on it and completely fed up. So many people experiencing this issue in the forums as well.


    Fix anyone please? Close to thowing it in the same bin the iphone is in. How difficult can it be to roll out a product where ntp works?

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    If two devices are having problems, I'd be inclined to look for problems with your network before assuming its the devices.

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    The iphone issue was years ago.


    I have an Apple TV 2 and all was working fine. Then all of a sudden I got this time and date problem (like many others it wuld appear). And you cannot do anything on the thing until it is set; obviously you cannot do anything simple like set it manually. Have turned off router firewall, tried setting port forwards for 123 and everything. No luck.

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    You don't need to forward any ports, just ensure that traffic over that port isn't blocked.


    Interference on some users networks can cause corruption, most users find that restarting the router will clear it, if that doesn't help you'll need to resolve why your network is blocking access to the Internet.