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    Limnos wrote:


    , I doubt I'll be able to afford even a used a Mac Pro and I am so used to having computer I can upgrade, not something that's pretty inflexible in terms of sticking in a new drive or two.

    That's my issue too.  but between new iPods and cameras etc, I have found I need to upgrade or perish.

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    SilverAge wrote:


    When I bought my new Mac mini, Apple helpfully sent an email inviting me to recycle my old computer. I plugged in the G4's vitals, and the donaiton website cheerfully told me my computer had zero value.


    I'm going to miss my Power Mac, and I'm going to be bitter about Eudora for some time. But for me, the day came.

    I guess I will start looking at Mac Minis. I would like to be able to do something with my G4 because we've come a long way together, but if we are at the end of the road, then so be it.  time to invest in something new rather than life support.

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    Bought the 1 TB Mac Mini + USB Superdrive today.  I hope I'm set for another 11 or so years!

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    Pentium processors haven't been around for 5 years.

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