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When it comes to passwords, I am probably one of the world's most absent-minded and forgetful people in the world!


So recently I wanted to participate in some discussion forums I'd been out of touch with for a while, and of course I didn't remember their passwords.


Naturally, the way to fix this is to have the sites send a password refresh email.  I did this, and never received it.  I did a search for the sender, looked through my inbox, my junk mail folder and even the trash and saw nothing.


When I tried sending the email a few times I noticed it would briefly flash in the notifications section of my computer and then it vanished as through nothing had happened.


I checked my rules and the only applicable rule was to take spam that had been detected by SpamAssassin (which adds "[SPAM]" to the subject line) and send it to the junk folder.  Note, not delete it, just send it to junk.


In my Junk Mail settings, I tell Mail to send messages to Junk only if sender is not in my contacts, sender is not in a previous recipient, sender is not addressed to my full name and message is not junk mail.  So relatively few messages should be moved, and none should be deleted.


I have huge piles of junk mail, but I have tried the password reset on at least 2-3 sites and I simply cannot get the email to appear.  I can certainly accept that password reset messages look like spam to most spam filters, but then they should just wind up in "junk", never spam.


I'm using Apple Mail on Mountain Lion.


Any suggestions on how to fix this?





iMac, Mac OS X (10.7), 27" iMac, SSD+HD, Lion