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I have created a group in my address book but when I go to write an email to the entire group it won't allow me to send to the group.  What am I doing wrong?  Thanks!

MacBook Pro, iOS 6
  • Austin Kinsella1 Level 6 Level 6 (11,520 points)

    How are you doing it and what happens?

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    Did you ever find an answer to this. I'm having the same problem. And now, I changed the name of my largest group - now it won't email. There are hundreds of names, no way I can address each one! Someone please help!!!

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    Had the same problem, went crazy over it... I don't believe how simple it was to solve : once you created your adress group in adress book, you have to QUIT mail and QUIT the adress book. Once you reopen Mail, it will work... But you might not be able to have more then 25 members in your group, the adress must all be good, and some mail server will want you to put yourself in the "to" field and your group in the BCC field.

    At least, that works with Lion 10.7.5.


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    Thank goodness I found your solution! Can't believe you have to quit both programmes just to get a new group email to send. Seems crazy to me. But thanks, sorted.