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does anyone know when the iphone 5 will be availible in south africa on vodacom contracks

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    When Apple announces availability.

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    We still haven't heard anything. What's really strange is that the iPod Touch, iPod Nano, revealed on the same day, are already in local "iStore" stores for about a week already. Also, pricing has been announced by the local official distributor for the new iMac, new Retina 13" Macbook and the Mac Mini. These were all announced AFTER the iPhone 5, so there is definately something going on.


    Vodacom has lots of nano-SIMs in stock, and people who have grey-imported the iPhone 5, have their phones working on these nano SIMs and they all say that the A1429 model is working perfectly on LTE in South Africa (both supported networks). I probably it's not an availability either, since India and Brazil have already got their first batches (we're normally before them).


    I'm going on holiday in the States on 12 December, so it will be a real pity if I can't get it before then, since I'm only coming back here in mid february. Then I have to wait until February to go back into the upgrade contract queue (probably wait another month after that). I've been waiting more than a 1.5 years to upgrade my 3GS, as I didn't want to upgrade to the 4S phone.


    I guess it's a mystery, or maybe by then the 5S will be released. Only problem is having to work on my 3Gs with iOS 6, which is incredibly slow... I know, I have to work on it daily.