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Push Notification setting not working for Twitter on iOS 6.1



I have a iphone3gs and have recently update the ios to 6.1 before all my push notifications worked fine but since the update

my twitter notifications no longer work. instead i have to go in to the app and update manually i have read diffrent web sites  on the issue but still cannot find a fix for this



My email push notifications work fine and so do Facebook but i get none from Twitter the verision of Twitter is 5.1



Setting on twitter are as follows


1 all people i follow have there notification option switched on


2 inside Twitter i have Notifications switched on and also checked all setting's on my iphone



hope some one can help as it is driving me nuts

iPhone 3GS, iOS 6.0.1
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    The same problem. I've just bougt iPhone 5 with 6.01, install Twitter, setup notification and it dosn't work. I can campare all ticks "Turn on notification" with my old iPhone 4s where it's working well and I don't understand what I'm doing wrong?

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    I was able to finally get the push notifications work.  The steps are below.  Mind you I attempted a few things in the previous days prior to these steps.  So those few things might help if you are still having problem after applying the fix below. Those few things were: deleting and reinstalling twitter app, restoring the iOS device, revoke and undo revoke all my ios apps in my account settings on twitter's website.


    Important: If you have multiple ios devices, make sure you apply these steps to all devices at the same time.


    1 Open twitter app

    2 go to the profile of each of the people you are following. Click the person icon and select turn off notifications.

    3 Go to Me / settings / notifications. Turn off all notifications.


    4 Go to your iOS device settings / notifications / twitter. Turn off all notification options.

    5 Turn off all your iOS devices. Wait for a few minutes.

    6 Turn on the devices. Go to twitter app / me / settings / notifications. Check if all the notifications on all devices are still set to Off. If any option is not showing as Off, set it to Off.  Repeat step 5 for all devices. Repeat again if necessary.


    7 if all notifications are set to off when you turn the devices back on, you can now turn on your twitter notifications for all devices as usual.  Don't forget to visit the notification center.


    Hope it works for you.