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I'd like to create a two column PDF in Pages.  I can select the column toolbar button and choose two columns.  However, I'd like to add items into both columns.  The two column button technique seems to only flow text from one column into the other.  The format I'm trying to create is similar to an article.  It may have two main columns then the bottom of the page is another row with two columns.  This creates four boxes total.  Each box may have formatted text, images, borders (horizontal line shape).  I will also add text to each one at different times.  Unlike the regular two column button, I can't wait for one column to fill and flow into the other.  Each area will be separate and shouldn't flow into the other.  How can I best create this format?

Solved by fruhulda on Nov 25, 2012 10:31 AM Solved

Use text boxes instead of columns.