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Besides my gripes that 10.7 Server or the 10.8 Server app are radically dumbed down versions of what 10.6 Server was capable of, the upgrade to 10.8 from 10.7 unexpectably broke my home time machine backup.

Am quite familiar with the prior server versions as we are still using 10.6 Server on a dozen or so Xserve's, plugging along nicely


This is for our house setup using a Mac Mini with an attached 8TB RAID managing media serving and time machine backups. For simplicity, the array is partitioned as a single volume and simply configuring a file sharing sharepoint as a Time Machine Volume. Simple and easy!


When upgrading to 10.8 and then installing the server app, the upgrade conveniently didn't migrate any file sharing settings, forcing me to set them up again. Easy enough, just took a couple of minutes, except that the share point I used for time machine backups has no more setting to turn it into a Time Machine volume.


As such, under the Time Machine tab, which shows only logical volumes, I simply can't back up to our existing backups.


I suppose I can re-partition the array to create a logical volume for TM backups, but I can't believe that there is no provision to change a sharepoint into a TM volume anymore.


Am trying to stay away from CLI settings as well as that defeats the purpose of the app.



Any thoughts or suggestions?



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