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I bought a used Powermac G5. So far it won't boot, there is no image being delivered to the monitor, and the fan revs like a vacuum cleaner.  At first the status light gave series of 3 flashing lights which the online manual (I don't have the specific manual for this machine) says is incorrect memory board or similar message. However, last time I turned on the Powermac the status light now gives single flashes which diagnostic meaning is not even mentioned in the online manual I am using. Does anyone know what single flashes mean? As far as the memory boards are concerned, what is in there now are: Apple memory module M9296G/A (Samsung PC3200U 30331 0413 256MB DDR CL3) in both inner slots, and Hynix PC3200U 30330 0411 256MB DDR 400Mhz CL3 in both second to inner slots. Are these the correct boards? I have on hand 2 other boards from a broken iMac G5. They are Edge Tech 1GB 5380601-40. Can these iMac boards be added to what is in the Powermac or substituted for two of the existing matched boards if they are the wrong type for the Powermac? Both the Powermac and the iMac run Leopard OS. I have also ordered a new battery for the Powermac. The existing battery is dead. Could that cause flashing status light? Thanks.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.3)