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As stated above, I have an iBook that I've had for several years and I cannot use it anymore to go online as routers aren't accepted in my household.  I recently found a plastic bag with a new USB cable, a phone line cable and a new battery Pegatron Model:PB013 with my computer things and I don't know what it is for since I never had occasion to use it.  Can anyone tell me what to do with these things?  I do know that they came with the iBook but at the time we bought it, we were never interested in what it is for.  If anyone can tell me the use for it, I would appreciate it and if there really isn't a use for these items, I will just throw them away.  I would love to be able to go online with my iBook but spouse doesn't believe in routers, says then others can get into your info even though I know that isn't true.  Any help would be appreciated.

iBook, Mac OS X (10.5.1)
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    Hello and welcome to the support community.


    First of all, routers are not accepted in your household? So how do you get online?

    In order to use broadband Internet you need a router.


    You iBook would have been supplied with the following items when it was new.

    1. Power Adapter

    2. Power Cord

    2. Modem Lead (While telephone lead used for dial-up Internet via a phone line)

    3. VGA adapter to allow an external screen to be used.


    No USB lead were supplied and the only battery supplied with your iBook would be that attached to the bottom of the iBook. (White)


    A USB lead could have been supplied with other devices like printers, scanners, cameras or phones.


    There are four ways you can get online with your iBook G4


    1. Connection via Ethernet to a router.

    3. Wireless via installed Airport Card to a wireless router

    4. Dial-up modem (What the white phone lead is for)

    6. USB 3G dongle (Or connection using a cell/mobile phone that's compatible)


    I hope this helps