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Hi there


I have been struggling to resolve an issue with my iPhone 3G.  It just stopped working and when I connected it to my laptop via a USB port my pc or itunes does not recognise it.  It also will not charge if I plug it into an electric socket.  I have also tried to connect it on a different laptop without sucess.  I have tested the cable and there is nothing wrong with it as it works ok with my friends iPhone.  I am using Windows XP Professional 2002 Service pack 3, and my laptop is up to date with windows updates ect.


I searched the help forums on Apple and google and I think that I have worked out the problem.  I am not 100% sure thats its the driver but in my Device Manager folder there is no Apple Mobile USB Device or driver listed so I think this may be it. I uninstalled itunes in the order that was advised, on the apple support page and then reinstalled it...but still my phone is not recognised.  Is there a way that I can download the driver?  Is there a link to download it please? I also do not have Apple recovery mode in my device manager folder and when I tried to follow the instructions to put my phone into recovery mode it did not work.  My phone is now out of charge so I cant even switch it on.  I would be grateful if anyone can advise me how to resolve this issue or knows what may be causing this problem.  Thanks so much in advance.

iPhone 3G