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Apple TV is stuck on the What's New Screen. I have unplugged it several times and it will not reset. HELP!

Apple TV, iOS 6.0.1
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    Are you sure it's the Apple TV that's stuck and not the remote that's not working.

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    It's not the remote. You can hear the remote clicking and actually turning things on in the background (i.e. movie trailors). As I was typing this discussion, the What's New screen away without me clicking anything. Hopefully it won't happen again.

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    I am now experiencing this same phenomena on both of my Apple TV's (2nd and 3rd gen models both upgraded to the newest software version). The first was afflicted a few weeks ago and the second one had the error spring up tonight so neither work.  It is clearly not an issue with the remotes as I've tried the normal remote, both my iPhone, my gfs iPhone and both our iPads with no result. I can hear the standard audio cues that it is recognizing my inputs and if I click enough times it'll start playing content as tho its moving through the menus normally but the screen is stuck on the What's New? page. Unplugging the devices to restart them does not seem to help. At this point both products are effectively bricked! We need help!

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    It happend to me also. The solution is just let it stay there for 10 to 15 minutes (do not unplug otherwise it will start all over again), the "What's New" screen will go away by itself and you are back to Apple TV's normal home screen again. This scenario happens usually when you hadn't plugged AppleTV to electrical outlet for a long while.


    This is obviously a bug because it seems "Continue" button is not responding. But actually it did respond but the screen freezes at "What's New". After 10 to 15 minutes the video card finally catches up to your last action.

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    Same thing happened to me. It finally times out and goes away!