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I have a dillema as I have just come across my ARD 3.3 disc and serial number that I purchased a while back and did not get around to installing it.  Iv'e just put the disc into my mac and tried to install, but it says the version I am trying to install is for Snow Leopard, as I am in Lion.  I tried to download the latest update from ARD and install it but it said it cannot find ARD, which makes perfect sense.  So how can I get around this problem?


Thanks in advance

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    There is an Apple Support article explaining the steps you need to do this which I can't seem to find at the moment. Eseentially this is what you do:


    1. Copy the Apple Remote Desktop Installer from the Installation disc to the desktop

    2. Hold the Control key and click on the Installer icon

    3. In the contextual menu that appears, choose Show Package Contents

    4. In the package contents, navigate to Contents/Installers

    5. Control-click on RemoteDesktopAdmin.pkg and choose Show Package Contents

    6. In the package contents, double-click the Archive.pax.gz file to expand it

    7. In the expanded archive, navigate to Archive/Applications/ and drag Remote Desktop to your Applications folder

    8. Immediately run Software Update to update Remote Desktop to the latest version


    Alternatively you could download the latest version of ARD Admin instead and have the package ready to install after completing step 7.





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    Thats absolutely brilliantly articulated, those instructions should be on a blog or something :-)


    Job done, all installed and on the latest version!