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I'm trying to set up iCloud as my primary email account


1. Mac - I can successfully access via icloud.com but I cant set it up as my account in Mail - I follow the obvious steps, and my accounts downloads to Mail, but then I am unable to send any mails (they stay in my outbox).  How do I set it up in Mail?


2. iPad - whenever I go to icloud.com it sends me to the icloud "set up on this device" instructions, which I then follow, but when I go back to icloud it send me back there again. I was expecting a page like I get on my Mac at icloud.com. How do I set it up on my iPad?



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    To up the account on your iPad, go to Settings>iCloud, enter and Apple ID, once verified you can turn Mail to On in Settings>iCloud, which will create the account automatically.  (Also, you can't go to icloud.com to view your account on your iPad.  This can only be done on your computer.  On you Mac, go to System Preferences>iCloud, sign into your iCloud account and turn Mail to On (requires OS X 10.7.4 or higher).  To set your default account go to Mail>Preferences>Composing>Send New Messages From, the set as desired.


    See http://www.apple.com/icloud/setup/.