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I would like too use one keyboard and mouse for two or three computers. I have a PowerBook G4, a iMac G3(Both running 10.4.11) and a Macmini first gen with a Intel core duo(running 10.6.8). I would like to hook up my keyboard and mouse to my macmini and use with at least my PowerBook. But, I haven't found a leopard disk that I can use to install on my PowerBook, so ALL of the mouse and keyboard sharing apps won't work with it.  Please help!!!

PowerBook, Mac OS X (10.4.11), Has the old Starcraft and Myst IV.
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    If your question is where to buy OS X 10.5 Leopard, get your wallet out, as the DVDs are expensive. hardcoremac.com will have copies, and the used market may too. Since OS X 10.5 was never available on Powerbooks, don't buy a used gray-faced OS X disk for another system, as those are locked to the system types they are delivered with, and won't work on a PowerBook.