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Hello all,


I recently purchased a signed certificate from GoDaddy but I am having trouble importing it into the Server App.


So far, in the server app I select my existing self-signed certificate, I click replace with signed certificate, I drag in the .crt file I received from GoDaddy, and all I get is "1 non-identity certificate will be added". It won't allow me to replace the existing certificate. I know the certificates are valid because I can add them to the keychain and they show as validated. I just can't get them to import into the server app so I can use them for services.


Any suggestions?

Mac mini Server (Mid 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    Figured it out. The certificate that was issued by GoDaddy did not match the CSR key provided by Server App. I generated a new CSR from the self-signed certificate and rekeyed my certificate through GoDaddy. Loaded in the new certificate and it works great!