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I just bought new iMac. I am transferring data from the old one. I have linked the two with a Firewire. I transferred the iPhoto Library, the iTunes Library and all documents. But I cannot transfer the contents of the old Mailboxes. I found the mailboxes on the old computer OS X > Users > username > Library > Mail > Mailboxes > Messages
However, when trying to copy to the new computer, I am stopped after >username. "Library" has a minus sign on it. So do Desktop, Documents, Movies, Music and Pictures. If I click on "Library" I get the message "could not be opened because you do not have sufficient access privileges." I am the administrator and sole user of this computer. When I bought it this morning, I entered just one password.

new (April 06) iMac 20-inch 2GHz Intel dual processor, 1GB RAM, 250GB disk space, Mac OS X (10.4.6)