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Hi everyone,


I've had a blast so far with Mainstage, which is a great app for making music live, but I've run in a problem I can't seem to solve with it.

I need to play a backing track, and synchronize mainstage's internal clock with the start of the track. This should be working with the usual Playback module, and the start command, taking care of both the playback and the clock. However, in reality it's completely unusable, as there is an important latency (around 150-200 ms from the feel of it, enough to kill completely the rhythm)


Due to the song's structure, I cannot start the clock at the beginning, but having the clock and the track extremely in sync is necessary because of the effects applied on it (Playback's output is on an aux, and I have Stutter Edit chopping up the audio and doing various effects in sync to the beat)


Does anyone have an idea how to have an "instant playback", starting both the clock and the audio, but not necessarily rebooting the audio engine and what else ? (I read in the Mainstage manual that this was what caused this sluggishness)

(or if it's impossible with MS, how I could get around this)


I've already tried other means to play back my track (NI Battery, where I loaded my track as a sample), and the playback was instantaneous there - but it was impossible to start the clock at the same time, as the start/stop message would kill whatever sample being played in Battery.





MacBook (13-inch Late 2009), Mac OS X (10.6.8)