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Have 2.66 Mac Pro 4.1, OSX 10.7.5.

Just added internal SSD for ultimate use as primary drive.

New SSD drive installed and formatted but blank, shows on desktop.

Bought Mountain Lion thru App Store but it is upgrade only.

How do I obtain and install FULL M-Lion on this new second drive?


Thx -- Allen

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    Hi Allen,


    Hmmm, upgrade only?


    Did you download it, look in Applications for Install OSX Lion, & make a copy of it before running it so it doesn't "convieniently destroy itself after install, requiring the big download again?


    & on running it, does it give the option of where to Install it?

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    This is one possiblity;


    Upgrade your existing boot drive to M-Lion. 

    The steps below will clone your existing Boot drive to the SSD


    Shut down

    Boot holding down Option key.

    Select Recovery

    Select existing Boot drive as Source

    Select SSD as Destination.

    Let it run.


    After that

    Rename SSD to whatever you like

    System Preferences > Start up Disk

    Selesct SSD



    Your SSD is now your Boot Drive with all of your programs and files.

    The previous Boot Drive can be kept as a back up or formatted and used for storage.