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I dragged a .mp3 from my itunes directly onto my project and once it's there I double click, go to audio and adjust the volume with the slider. No matter what I adjust it to it won't change; even when I set it to 0% it still plays at full volume.

iMovie '08
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    this problem suddenly appeared during my last project in September 2012 and was ok when i started a new project in Jan 13, but has suddenly reappeared. I tried even re installing the whole Operating system but it is just the same. somebody please help!

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    I would suggest that you convert your MP3 file to AIFF before using in iMovie.


    You can easily create an AIFF version in iTunes.


    In iTunes/Preferences go to the General Tab and click on the Import Settings button.



    (Remember what the setting was before you changed it, so you can go back later and change it back)


    Now, right-click on your music track in iTunes. You will see a popup menu. Choose "Create AIFF version".


    Use this AIFF version in iMovie.


    If that still does not help, I suggest trashing your preference files as explained here.