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I play photos from my computer iphoto library on tv. I select album I want to play but It doesn't play it in order the same as I set up in my computer's iphotos album but it already mixed up one portion to another portion of album (I saw it on tv these pictures) and play in that order (I did not turn shuffle on) why? how can I change the length of time for ea picture like 4 seconds to 7 seconds ..etc? thanks

Apple TV, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    You need to re-sort the photos in iPhoto, I can't remember whether the Apple TV uses the date or the filename to order the photos, whichever it is you'll need to batch process them in iPhoto to the order you want.


    You can alter the slide duration in the slideshow settings.

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    This problem only happened when I updated Apple TV to version 5.1 (5210). I think some other folks has same problem after updated to V5.1. and they saying probably is bug or something...also I can't find option in slideshow

    setting in this version to alter the slide duration. Pls verify and let me know if it is true or not.

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    My slides are still in order, I have always had them ordered as explained hereinbefore.


    In the thumbnail view when you select a photo album there are two buttons in the top right corner, choose the one that says slideshow. Scroll down and select classic or Ken burns then change the slide duration.

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    Thank you, I can change the slide duration now.

    But the main issue still exsist, still have problem with playing iphoto on TV which still not in order as it was set up

    on computer. I check with the other albums also has same problem (I also did batch change by date but It doesn't help). I never have this problem before I update to rev 5.1. If you hear anything new about this problem let me know.

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    You might try changing the file name too, as I said I can't recall which of these it uses.

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    Changing file name doesn't help. There are a couple of gentlement in this dicussion "therealdeffi, luis21982" have

    same problem as mine after updated apple TV to version 5.1