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Hey all,


was having issues with my hard drive so I backed up files via TIME MACHINE then erased and reinstalled OS 10.5 then asked it to transfer back my files using TIME MACHINE. For some odd reason, it transferred my files, but left me with 10.5.6 - having to upgrade all the software again. Took all day then got this message:



WTH?!?!?? It's not like I downloaded bad upgrade software - I used SOFTWARE UPDATE from my computer to download this. Anyone else get this error and what can I do about it?





PowerMac, Mac OS X (10.5.8), 1.8 Ghz PowerPC G5
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    Hi Rebecca, try another dwnload, Ethernet instead of Airport/Wifi if possible.


    "Try Disk Utility


    1. Insert the Mac OS X Install disc, then restart the computer while holding the C key.

    2. When your computer finishes starting up from the disc, choose Disk Utility from the Installer menu at the top of the screen. (In Mac OS X 10.4 or later, you must select your language first.)

    Important: Do not click Continue in the first screen of the Installer. If you do, you must restart from the disc again to access Disk Utility.

    3. Click the First Aid tab.

    4. Select your Mac OS X volume.

    5. Click Repair. Disk Utility checks and repairs the disk."




    Then try a Safe Boot, (holding Shift key down at bootup), run Disk Utility in Applications>Utilities, then highlight your drive, click on Repair Permissions, reboot when it completes.


    (Safe boot may stay on the gray radian for a long time, let it go, it's trying to repair the Hard Drive.)

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    Tks BDAQUA,


    I did download using ethernet - no wifi. Have done the Disk Utility tasks you spoke of and am trying again to download the update - though it is going EXTREMELY slow. (slower than usual) At the rate it is going it'll take me a week!



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    I seem to get more bad downloads when takkes longer.


    Open Network Utility in Applications>Utilities>Info tab, select Ethernet & what is the Link Speed & are there any Errors/Collisions on the right?

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    I didn't see "ethernet" as an option to select - this is what I see:


    (Sorry, don't know why it keeps inserting upsidedown)


    but, thinking it may be an network issue (I'm assuming that was where you were going) I connected the ethernet directly into the CPU (had it plugged into the airport) and tried it that way - stopped at 21MB and didn't go any further. Then I powercycled my modem & router and it finally downloaded at a good speed.... BUT..... got the same error message (can't be saved..... digital signature...)




    Should I erase and reinstall 10.5 AGAIN.


    Why, when I transferred my files back via TM, did it not show 10.5.8, making me have to go through upgrading again in the first place?

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    OK, try en0, fw0 is Firewre.


    Likely upside down because you used iPhoto to rotate it, which it really doesn't, just tags it to dislplay 180° if the other end understands that tag.

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    Actually - no iphoto used at all - never had to rotate it, it was fine on my computer and when I took it with the ipod. But I don't care about the picture.....


    I believe it said 100 / mps - no errors - no collisions.


    Is there any other way of getting this "combined update" other than with software updater? Tried looking at apple.com but didn't see it.


    Do you think zeroing out the HD and reinstalling the 10.5 again would help matters?


    I appreciate all your help BD



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    Repair Permissions afterwords, reboot.


    1058 Combo Update, 10.5.8...



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    Wonderful BD, thanks so much. Will try when I get home. Cross your fingers!

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    Good luck Rebecca, & do let us know the outcome.