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This is a slightly complex issue so i will lay down my senerio as simply as possible.


I use IP cameras as security cameras and back up the captured footage via FTP to my MAC on my dropbox folder.


This process worked perfectly on my old Powermac g4 running 10.5.8.


I decided to upgrade and am now trying to use my Macbook pro running 10.8.2 as the FTP server using OS X server.


     It does work, but only a few files will show up with the rest waiting for the ones showing to be deleted.


          example... Camera captures 1st clip -> sends via FTP to User folder.

                          Camera captures  2nd clip minutes later -> only shows up when 1st clip is deleted.

                               All new clips will remain UN-visable until that first clip is deleted.

                               The new clips instantly appear upon deletion of 1st clip and now behave like the origonal clip toward any new clips.


On my previous set up, the files would upload as they came and would display indefinatley.


Heres to that guy that knows exactly what Im talking about reading this and responding...


Fingers crossed.



PS. It would be a shame if the solution was to go back to my old machine but it seems that may be the case. The reason for the change is that the old MAC consumes allot of energy and the macbook pro could do more as a server...

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), OS X server FTP