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Hi have connected my Mini to my wifes PC screen so it has a screen for now, as we dont have one for it as i usually remote into the Mini... but when i connec the Mini via HDMI, a splitter box so here laptop can see the screen, the Mini doesnt show on the screen. NO signal recieved.


the HDMI cable has a HDMI to VGA Adapter on it to allow it to connect to the splitter box, would this be disrupting the signal?


i know the splitter box works as the signal from the laptop gets through and arrives at the screen.

OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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mumbles2701 wrote:


the HDMI cable has a HDMI to VGA Adapter on it


HDMI is digital, VGA is analog. Makes me wonder what "adapter" this is. If it's not a proper converter (requiring some electronics inside and external power), then you must not expect it to do anything for you.


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