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iMovie 9.0.8 Picture in Picture when sharing movie unexpectedly quits ? Everytime ??


I have updated to mountain lion. Run disk utility and repaired permssions and repaired disks. Un installed imovie and reinstalled it.


The only way I found round this is if I remove all my picture in pictures from imovie, then when I go to share to iDVD it doesn't unexpectedly quit ?

Must be a bug with picture in picture. Any ideas anyone ?


Cheers Jez

  • AppleMan1958 Level 7 Level 7

    I suggest you SHARE/MEDIA BROWSER in Large size.


    Then go to iDVD and open the Media Browser and navigate to your project. You can drag it in from there (and let iDVD convert to Standard Def).


    If that doesn't work, how long is your movie?