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I am trying to make an MPEG-2 file for DVD at 24fps (23.98). I have an HD 1080p 24fps source (ProRes 422 HQ).


Compressor refuses to create a 24fps MPEG2 for DVD. If I leave the automatic settings on the preset, it creates a 30fps file by speeding up the frames. If I try to force 24fps in the video encoding setting (instead of leaving them set to automatic) it crashes compressor ("3x crash service down"). Any help here?


I can make other formats like H.264 and Uncompressed at 24fps. But even from these new files, compressor refuses to make a 24fps MPEG-2. Ironically, the old DVD Studio Pro allowed me to import the files and encoded MPEG-2's, but even these when opened in quicktime say they are 30 fps (although they don't compress the time?).


Any help? Am I doing something wrong? I don't often work with 24fps. The file is small, so I've tried a lot of different iterations trying to get this to work including different file names, even a different machine altogether.


I'm using compressor 4.0.5. Mac OSX10.7.5

  • Russ H Level 7 Level 7

    What was the camera that shot this?


  • Chapel Media Level 1 Level 1

    It was animation from after effects I believe, composited and finished in FCP 7.


    Anyway, this thread I found after posting my own. Seems similar, except I still think the way Compressor handles this is weird, crashing or re-timing without being told ot do so are both bad options.



  • Russ H Level 7 Level 7

    I read what you're experienceing (speeded up play) and what the other threads are saying about this as different, Compressor should spit out a 24 (23.98) fps MPEG2. However,  DVD SP will report it as 29.97 with pulldown, which the player should read correctly – preserving the 24 fps "look".


    But it sounds as though your movie is running at about 120, which I've never encountered. Does it also play that way in QT Player?



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    I have to ask why a 24fps DVD? PAL is 25fps. NTSC is 29.97fps, this means that you are attempting to create a DVD that is not meeting any device playback specifications.


    If you are trying to create a HD file for playback then you need to reassess the codec you are using, yes a bluray compatible file can be written to a DVD.