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I have a 3TB Western Digital cloud server that works so well that I want to upload to it my portfolio of menu driven iDVD authored DVDs.  If I upload the audio and video TS files but the server doesn't know what to do with these.  I also tried uploading Apple DVD player, but that didn't help.  How can I translate or upload this data from DVD to Cloud server and make the menu system work?

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    You need the DVD Player to play the Video_TS files.  Launch DVD Player and use the

    DVD Player001.jpg

    Navigate to the WD server and select the folder containing the iDVD project you want to open:

    DVD Player002.jpg

    and see if that won't play for you.


    Each iDVD project's Video and Audio folders should be in their own separate folder.


    The above works when those fodlers are on an external HD but I have no experience on a cloud drive so you'll have to give it a try and see for yourself.



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    Thanks for the suggestion Old Toad, I'll reply again if it works.  But, I don't see how this will bring the DVD content to life on my iPad or iPhone.  Will the video player app serve the same function?

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    Nope, this idea doesn't work.  It works, as you show, for iDVD project files, but not for burned DVD Audio and Video TS folders that are copied back to the hard drive.  I haven't found an app that can perform this either...

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    My reply has nothing to do with iPads or iPhones as they weren't mentioned in your original post. My answer refers to accessing the Video_TS folder from your Mac with DVD Player.


    The Video and Audio folders I used were taken from a disk image of one of my iDVD projects.  They would be identical to what one would find on a burned disk. 


    I copied the Video and Audio folder from another burned disc of mine and tried the same test and it worked. Try it from your Mac.  If you have an external HD put the Video folder on it and see if DVD Player can play it.


    It's very possible that the cloud server has a different permission setup that prevents DVD Player form playing the Video_TS files. They certainly work on an external HD formatted OS X Extended (journaled)

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    Sorry Old Toad that you were able to infer all that a Cloud server should be able to offer, but it seems obvious to me that rather than being limited to DVD and Laptop, any Apple consumer would like to access their iDVD content from the internet, including my iPad and iPhone, as the original question does request.  This problem has nothing to do with the permissions of the server, but it might be with how the DVD is copied.  I may need to make an "image file" type copy.  But, somehow, from what I've read elsewhere, and from what I've tried so far, this still remains an unanswered question.

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    It could be a permissions issue as iPhoto can't reliably run a library on a NAS server.  If the iCloud server is similar to the NAS and it's handing of permisions, etc. that could be a factor.  The library needs to be on an OS X Extended (journaled) volume.