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I tried to download superduper but my computer wont run the program. I just get to many error messages. Is there something wrong with my hard drive? Also I cant seem to install my updates. It keeps telling me that a file is currupt. How do I fix these problems?

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    You may have corruption of your hard drive's directory. Follow these steps to attempt to repair:


    1. Insert your Snow Leopard install DVD into the MacBook (I assume that is what you have since you have listed it in your products.)
    2. Restart the computer holding down the C key on your keyboard immediately after pushing the power button.
    3. When the circling fan appears you can release the C key. Wait until a screen appears asking you to select a language.
    4. Select your primary language and continue.
    5. Look for the Utilities menu and from it select Disk Utility.
    6. In Disk Utility on the left side, select the name of your main hard drive partition, usually "Macintosh HD."
    7. In the lower right select Repair Disk (do NOT select Repair Disk Permissions.)
    8. If Disk Utility is able to make any repairs, restart the computer by quitting Disk Utility and quitting the Mac OS X install program. Once restarted, test for your issue again.
    9. If Disk Utility does not find anything else to repair, post back and we'll keep working on it.
    10. If Disk Utility finds a problem but is unable to repair it, post back and again we'll work on it.


    Best of luck.

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    The only problem is that my DVD drive doesn't work. But I do have an external DVD device can I use that?

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    You can try. No idea if it will work or not but it won't cause any damage.

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    I tried what you told me to do. It didn't give and option for language but the computer just booted up normally. When I go to disk utility and select my hard drive (Mac os), the repair disk option is there but I can't select it because its not hi lighted. And I'm also having problems restarting the computer. Sometimes it won't boot up at all. What should I do next?

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    I just tried booting up the disk by pressing option key while booting up. Then it gave me the options you mentioned. I went to disk utility and clicked on repair disk. It told me its not repairable and I need to reformat my hard drive. I also bought a new hard drive. It's a seagate momentus xt super speed, SSD+HDD. My intent was to clone my old one to the new one. But I can't. So what's the best way to go about this? Do I reformat the old hard drive and try to clone it or do I just install the new one? And if I install the new one, how do I install the OS to the new hard drive?

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    If you reformat the old hard drive, cloning it will be useless, as the reformatting process erases the drive.


    Install the new drive, use disk utility to format it (using the Erase tab - that is how you reformat) if needed (you want the format to be Mac OS Extended (journaled)) then quit Disk Utility and go ahead and run through the installer. It's pretty simple.


    Be aware that after you start up the MacBook will be as if it is a new machine. None of your data will be on there. You may be able to put your original hard drive in an enclosure and connect it to the MacBook and transfer the data over.


    Do not reformat the old drive until you either have all the data you need brought off of it to the new drive, or you give up trying to extract it.

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    uhhh! now Im getting another error. The Install failed. Its telling me to contact apple. Is it because my dvd drive dosent work and Im using and external usb dvd player? Can I download the OS X from the internet conection?