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    I will need to know a bit more about the hardware.

    Which PC do you have?
    What router do you use?

    There are rare problems with Apple computers, connecting with Apple TV through Apple routers such as Airport Extreme, Airport Express or Time Capsule.


    At this point I need to take for granted that you are hard wired to the same router (or switch) and have your PC and ATV on the same LAN (devices are on within the same masked IP range and connected to the same gateway)


    If this is the case you need to focus either on the PC side or the router.
    By the looks of it - Bonjour which makes devices discover each other is being blocked somewhere on the network between your PC and ATV.


    On the PC you should check for any antivirus, firewall or any other security software. You should be OK to disable it for a short period of time while testing. This is more common with Windows PC and you can skip this if you use Mac (unless you have some kind of security software installed).


    If this is not a problem on your PC side the main suspect is your router. Not sure what router you have. Apple ones work seamlessly in most cases. Other makes can block bonjour broadcast which will cause issues such as yours.


    All you can do here is to make sure the firmware on the router is up to date and check with the manufacturer that they support Bonjour. Most of the routers do but some need tweaking.


    Hope this explains a bit. Please post more info so I have a better idea about your hardware.

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    Hey tzbikowski, here some more information.  I have a Dell PC with Windows 7.  We have a Linksys SR-224 router.  I tried turning off the Windows firewall and then restarted iTunes (but didn't reboot).  I am using MS Security Essentials and turned that off as well with same result.  I checked, and Bonjour is "allowed" through the firewall, although I tried turning the firewall off anyway.


    I am not sure what version of ATV we have.  How would I know that?  I am assuming it's Gen 1 or 2 because it was installed in May, 2008.  Keep in mind that the ATV has worked for at least 3 years.  The router and connections haven't been touched.  The only change is my PC, which I got in early 2012.  That said, I know iTunes could see the ATV when I first installed it.  I am not exactly sure when it stopped seeing it, but I am thinking it was in last 2-4 months or so.


    If I need to check anything on the router, can you please dumb down your instructions?  I implement for a software company, so I am not a complete idiot, but hardware is not my expertise!  One thing I haven't done is reboot the router.  Thanks so much for the help.

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    It is 1st generation Apple TV.

    Please reboot the router - this is a must in any network problems :-)


    can you confirm IP numbers on your computer and Apple TV?

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    OK, I rebooted the router and then my PC (again).  Still no ATV.  Note that most steps I have taken have been independent of each other, and then I restart iTunes.  As in, turn firewall off, restart iTunes, turn firewall on; reboot router & computer, restart iTunes, etc.


    IP address on PC is and on the Apple TV it is

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    One other note... I have Homesharing turned on.  Not sure if that's an issue with 1st generation Apple TV or not?  Would iCloud impact anything?  When I think about timing of when the Apple TV disappeared from iTunes, I think it's around when I started using iCloud.  May be just a coincidence...

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    According to Apple article from 30 November 2012 your iTunes should see Apple TV 1st Generation.

    This where you have a problem.

    Unfortunately I do not have ATV 1 anymore so cannot test scenarios with home sharing on and off and whether iCloud impacts the local connectivity or not.

    You will need to test it and I would appreciate if you can post back so we have a case study here :-)

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    Just ealier tonight before I left for work I synced my iPhone and I noticed near the top of iTunes on my PC was an airplay button, does this have anything to do with Home Sharing? It was there for a little and when I clicked on it an option was there for my Apple TV, but then it went away and it has not been back since. I have tried restarting and everything to try to get it to pop up but nothing. Also, my Apple TV was asleep while this happened. I tried turning it on hoping that maybe my PC would detect it but nothing.

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    I studied the thread again and your Linksys SR-224 is a switch not a router.

    You should have a routing device on the network - can you work it out where it is and restart?

    Linksys is in fact Cisco and those are peculiar devices to run at home.

    I would suggest to check and update its IOS.

    Also when you find the router on your network it would be good to not only restart but upgrade its firmware.

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    Not sure if this will help but I was going nuts trying to sort this problem out and it turned out to be so simple. In the end I chose while in iTunes (from the top bar, not any menu within the iTunes window) File> Home Sharing > Turn home sharing off. Then I turned it back on again and hey presto, my Apple TV connected.


    Might work for you, might not. Hope it does!

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    I'm glad this works now.

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    Tzbikowski - I hate to kick this off again but I only bought my apple TV today ..brand new straight out of box ..connected to TV via HDMI ..set up passeord for my BT Homehub to join my Home Network.  All seems ok ..but when I Access 'Computers' option on my Apple TV there is nothig there except my Itunes music Library.


    What I actually bought the Apple TV for was to allow me to stream, over the internet, training video's from an online training company I subscribe to.  I was also told that I could control / sign onto internet via my iPad(3) but cant see how to do this ... alll sounded so simple in the shop!....  Can you help?

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    Snap Happy,


    1. Have you switched on Home Sharing on your computer? (iTunes, File on top menu bar, Home Sharing and turn it on)

    You can also share your photos and videos there by pointing to a folder.


    2. I think you are after airplay mirroring to play from your iPad.

    please follow those short instructions how to go about it


    please post back any issues.

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    OK, you seem to be very knowledgeable and I have spent HOURS trying to figure this out with no luck.


    I have the latest mountain lion software, latest itunes, and latest apple tv....


    Everything is connected to the same Wi-Fi name.. I did also check the IPs and noticed that the apple tv was not exactly the same as my mac.. I tried changing one or the other ... also didn't help (maybe I did not do it right?)


    My ipad does not connect to my mac or even the apple TV.. the apple TV does not connect to my macbookpro....I get a "make sure ur mac has home sharing on" from the apple tv and a "make sure your apply tv and/or mac have home sharing on" so basically I am assuming that its a wi-fi issue. Now i do not have any access to the router because I live in an inlaw and i receive wireless through my landlady. I am not sure she would like me messing with her router to configure my stuff.... Is there anything I can do on my end to ensure that all my devices are running on the same???


    Also to note, I have a scale that connects to wifi and uploads my results to my mac with no issues like I am having with the apple TV. I am so lost. I really want to keep it, but the odds seem against me.

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    Apologies for jumping on to other folks issues here however, I'm running a new iMac, I connect everything fine and can browse and play all through my Apple TV and also see my pictures - good. The scenario is that I can watch films etc. with no issues but if I navigate away from the 'Computer' on Apple TV (say to have a play with You Tube) as soon as I come back to 'Computer' to play a different film then I get the "ensure your computer has home sharing turned on" message despite Home Sharing being 'ON' on both Apple TV and the Mac. Most frustrating as the Mac is upstairs and TV is downstairs, kind of negates the reason for having Apple TV to me. So, I've read through numerous threads re: Home Sharing issues and have ensured (as many others have) that:


    1. All versions of Apple TV and iTunes are current.

    2. They are all on the same wi-fi network.
    3. The same Apple ID is being used.
    4. Both router and Apple TV have been reset.

    5. Firewalls are off (I don't run anti-virus).


    Any pointers etc. gratefully received.


    Thanks, Tom

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    I finally got this to work...all user seems that it was how I thought I was enabling Home Sharing (going through preferences).  I was enabling by pressing the top left button -> Preferences->Sharing and clicking Share my library on my local network.  This didn't seem to do anything for me.  Then I tried the following:

    • Show the Menu Bar (if not visible already) by pressing CTRL + B. 

    You should see (File, Edit, View, Controls, Store & Help near the top)

    • File->Home Sharing->Turn On Home Sharing

    You should be brought to a screen to enter your Apple ID crednetials

    • Enter your Apple ID info and press the Turn On Home Sharing button


    After I went through this, I was able to see everything on Apple TV.  Hope this helps