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since latest Update from IPhoto to 9.4.2 the sharing from IPhoto to Apple-TV is wrong.

In IPhoto my Folders are sorted by date and shown in the right order.

When i try to look it at Apple TV my I-Photo-Library is shown in the wrong order....


I don`t know if the bug is coming fron the latest AppleTV-Update 5.1 or from the latest Update IPhoto 9.4.2

Before these Updates all were working fine. The sorting from folders shown in Iphote were shown at AppleTV 1:! right.



Any Ideas ? Sorry for my bad english!

Apple TV (3rd generation), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    I have the same problem with the Apple TV. Iphoto library when viewed in Apple TV through home sharing shows photos in a random order and not the sorting from the iphoto when viewed in a Mac. I have all the most recent updates. Can anyone help?

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    I had same problem as Luis21982 after updated Apple TV to version 5.1, I brought this issue to dicussions but don't have right answer yet. I believe there are bugs on the latest update. Somebody suggested to downgrade to earlier version might take care problem.

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    I tried these things to solve this problem:


    1) Restart my Apple TV

    2) deactivate / activate homesharing


    result: nothing - problem is still standing

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    So, now i have the solution!


    First i've updated ITunes Ver. 11.0

    Then i've updated AppleTV to Ver. 5.1.1


    Now AppleTV shows my Folders from IPhoto 9.4.2  syncronized !

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    I did the updates in the apple TV, itunes and Iphoto and I am still getting the photos on my apple TV airplay to appear unsorted.  All the photos are sorted on iphoto but when they are airplayed through home sharing to my apple TV they are randomly organized when I see them on the apple TV.  The updates did not improve that.

    Any recommendations or suggestions?


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    You are correct, I have done same thing as you did but the situation is not improving. The updates did not help.

    I'm kind of following dicussions regarding this issue to see if anybody have any solutions.


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    same problem here, love to hear more advice on how to solve the problem.

    It seems ATV sorts pics by date created and then date pic was taken.

    I edit and crop lots of photos so all photos I have edited appear at the end of the event when i show them on ATV.

    So annoying

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    maybe this helps you.

    Try to deactivate homesharing, then you activate it new.

    I did this in ITunes. This should help you.

    Cave: you need th latest updates from iTunes and AppleTv.


    Hope i could help you

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    I believe it has to do with the separation between original and modified pictures in iPhoto. All my portrait oriented pictures are at the end. iPhoto rotates them automically, thus they are modified. It is also possible that the Apple TV is sorting by modified date instead of creation date. Either way its embarrassing to show my photos to guests on the TV.


    If you haven't done so yet please report that bug to Apple so we get that fixed soon:


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    Still not working

    Anyone has any update?

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    This has been driving me mad as well.


    Having finally got round to properly sorting and organsing everything in iPhoto (I've been scanning hundreds of old slides, so that's forced me to organise myself!), it's been infuriating to see Apple TV (Gen 3 if that makes a difference) display them in a very odd order - based, I think, as others have said, on "modified" date, over which I have no control.


    My work around is to change the "Sort" order in iPhoto.


    iPhoto is setup with a series of Folders (one per year) and, in each folder, a handful of Albums.  There is always a "General" album for the year for most photos, plus one or two others for major holidays.  So, for example, I'll have a 2012 Folder, and in it, Albums called "General 2012", "London 2012". 


    Makes sense to me anyway!


    Within each Album, photos are sorted by date - if the date was not correct, or it makes sense to change the order, I've changed the date.  Which is where it all goes awry for Apple TV.


    What I've now done is to batch-change the "Title" - which reflects the Album name, and, when I do this, selecting the "Append a Number to each photo" tick box.  So, the titles of each photo will be "London 2012 - 001", "London 2012 - 002" etc. I then change the "Sort Photos" order under the View menu to be "By Title" (it will have changed to "Manual" if you've moved photos around).  Nothing changes in iPhoto, as that's the order they were in anyway, but Apple TV now displays them in the correct order.


    This seems to be working.


    I'll keep the date organised as well, as if that's wrong iPhoto slideshows go awry!


    Hope that helps somebody,



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    I have the same problem. The sorting of photos on the AppleTV is puzzling. I've tried all sorts of tricks to get it right. For many photos this works, for others not.


    I also got it the other way round: I have a series of photos that show up in the wrong order in iPhoto, but in the right order on the AppleTV! Go figure.


    The best option would be if the AppleTV had a way of sorting photos by date or title (or filename).