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My iPhone's WiFi was working great on iOS 6 when it first came out, no problems whatsoever, until last week it failed over night without me knowing. The WiFi option was still available but unable to connect to my home network and when I rebooted the phone,

the WiFI was greyed out. It has not been working since.


I waited for iOS 6.0.1 to come out as I understood that this was supposed to fix the problem many users with iOS 6 have been facing with WiFi connections, but this has not worked. I do not understand why it has failed. I bought this 4S in February and have never dropped it and it has always been in a case. The WiFi was working great before I went to bed and the next morning it was no longer working.


I have reseted the network settings, restored the phone and even tried using the phone as new and this has still not fixed the problem.

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.0.1