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This window just popped up when I was downloading some pictures.  I've never seen that message before.  Not exactly sure what it means.  Is my storage at capacity?  Do I need to delete some photos?


Thanks for any help you can offer!

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    It means what it says.


    OS X needs about 10 gigs of hard drive space for normal OS operations - things like virtual memory, temporary files and so on. Without this space your Mac will slow down as the OS hunts for space on the disk, files will be fragmented, also slowing things down, apps will crash and the risk of data corruption - that is damage to your files, photos, music - increases exponentially. Your first priority is to make more space on that HD. Nothing else can be done until you do. Purchase an external HD and move your Photos and Music to it. Both iPhoto and iTunes can run perfectly well with the Library on an external disk.

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    I just found out from a previous post you did that you are the expert on this!  Unfortunately, I am computer stupid so bear with me.  Is it futile to just go through my iPhoto pictures and delete a ton of them that I don't need anymore?  Do I buy an external hard drive from Apple?  How quickly do I need to address this issue?  (It's Christmas season and things are crazy!)  Thanks so much!

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    I don't think deleting individual photos is the way to go. You can get an external drive from anywhere, not just Apple. You need to address this issue immediately.






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    Hi Terence, I posted a question about a week ago but have yet to see a response. Having been helped out by your opinion in the past, I decided to write to you.


    I have aproximately 4,000 photos in my IPhoto trash. I would like to empty it but am concerned that I may lose photos that are duplicates of photos also found in my library. I live in in a city where the two Apple " stores " are in fact only official Apple retailers and I don't feel comfortable with their direction. I unfortunately only get back home to North America once or twice year and I need to resolve my problem........now.


    Thanks in advance for your help!



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    iPhoto will crash if you try and empty 4,000 photos at one go. Restore them to the Library and trash them in batches of 100 or so.


    I don't understand your query about duplicates. Deleting a duplicate won't delete both copies.

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    The duplicates are photos that appear both in my Library and the Trash. I am confused as to how they may have gotten there but they are there.


    By restoring, won't those photos be automatically restored to their original " events "? That means that I will have to triage the 36,000+ photos, again and delete/empty trash in batches of 100?


    Seems like a long way to go. Can't the photos in trash be deleted in small batches or must they be restored before I can do anything with them?


    Thank, again!