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Hello there,


I am having a problem inserting a title slide at the very beginning of my movie before my audio begins in iMovie '11.


My project includes multiple videos with detached and removed audio and studio-mastered .wav files in place. The .wav files appear to be seperate from the videos and I'm wondering if there is a way to group the audio and video together to be moved around at the same time.


Basically, is there a way to insert the title cards in the beginning of my video and in between clips without the wav file audio playing with the card? I need silence on the cards and video and audio to start together after them.


Please help!






iMovie '11, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Delete the background WAV file from your project, and then drag it in again. This time, drag and drop it on the first clip where you want it to start, rather than dragging into the background.


    This video tutorial may help.


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    hmmm .... iM cares automatically, so maybe I'm just lost in translation.





    five clips, two audio tracks - those are magnetic to the clips they are attached to! see the tiny green connection arrow …?


    When you drag a title now to the very front of the Project (it appears as a green vertical line, saying "I'm inserted here!"), all stuff gets pushed to the right. Automatically! All keeps in synch.


    ... there's no such thing as 'individual tracks' in iMovie .....

    (in FCPX not so either, in iM we have this feature since vers08, 5y ago .... the pros got ballistic, when FCPX had that too! )



    wasting too much time painting Red Arrows - you beat me again, AppleMan!

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    Thank you both! I was dragging into the background instead of directly to the clip... because this video is for a grad school percussion music audition, I spent a lot of time getting the audio and video synced perfectly and was really hoping to not have to remove it and do it all again... I made it work this time with the audio in the background but I will definitely drag to the clip when I make the next 5 pre-screening tapes to send out.


    Thanks again.