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I have Pages on my Ipad2 and want to move a document to Google Drive but it wont let me.


It does let me open a doucument from google drive but not save one to Google drive.


Who can help?

iPad 2
  • Bryan Vondeylen Level 1 Level 1

    We have over 3,000 iPad 2s, and we give all our students a Google Apps account. Before the updated Pages came along, we would open Pages on the iPad 2, then select the square with the arrow pointing out, and select Open With… Then select Pages format, then Choose App, select Google Drive, and the Pages document would be in the Google Drive account.


    NOW, when we do the same thing, Google Drive is "ZIP"ping the file. The good news is the document end up in Google Drive, the bad news is we have to unzip it when on the computer, and throw away the .zip version. Not ideal. Not sure why Google Drive (or Pages) is zipping the file though.


    So, I think I answered your question, now if someone can answer mine :-)