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My VPN server on Snow Leopard Server stopped working. My only clue so far is that on Nov 21 my logfile format changed from having the date in


YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS format when a user disconnected on Nov 21, but the service seemed to have kept running right through Nov 24.


Now when I try to connect I get nothing in the log file at all.


Not sure if the change in logfile format is related at all to the service not working, but the timing looks right.


Where are the VPN service settings files?  The plist file hasn't changed in /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.RemoteAccessServers.plist , there must be another file that controls the log format. 


Is the vpn daemon still /usr/sbin/vpnd ? Was there an update recently that might have affected things? 


Here is a cut-n-paste from my log file:



Wed Nov 21 16:10:30 2012 : Connect time 24.0 minutes.

Wed Nov 21 16:10:30 2012 : Sent 5505288 bytes, received 3879703 bytes.

Wed Nov 21 16:10:30 2012 : L2TP disconnecting...

Wed Nov 21 16:10:30 2012 : L2TP sent CDN

Wed Nov 21 16:10:30 2012 : L2TP sent StopCCN

Wed Nov 21 16:10:30 2012 : L2TP disconnected

2012-11-21 16:10:30 MST             --> Client with address = has hungup

2012-11-24 19:24:48 MST          terminating on signal 15

#End-Date: 2012-11-24 19:24:49 MST

#Start-Date: 2012-11-24 19:26:26 MST

#Fields: date time s-comment

2012-11-24 19:26:26 MST          Loading plugin /System/Library/Extensions/L2TP.ppp

2012-11-24 19:26:26 MST          Listening for connections...

2012-11-26 08:31:59 MST          terminating on signal 15

#End-Date: 2012-11-26 08:31:59 MST

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    So I thought the ISP was blocking port 500, but if I tell the firewall to log all packets I can see it coming in, and being passed by the firewall.  So that's not it. 


    The VPND is just not responding to anything at all, no entries in the log files, nothing. 


    I have rebooted, but am running out of clues.